Holy Shit I'm in love with Lana Parrilla.

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Scorsese’s Women featuring Jodie Foster, Winona Ryder, Sharon Stone, Juliette Lewis and Jessica Lange by Steven Klein for W Magazine

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This is everyday for me.

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She says, “You don’t want to be like me
Looking for fun, getting high for free.”
I’m dying, I’m dying
She says, “You don’t want to get this way
Street walk at night, and a star by day.”
It’s tiring, tiring.

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Masturbation is a most deadly sin and children need to be protected from the temptation.

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date someone who wants to be with you

date someone who will always follow you

date someone who will always try to help you

date someone who will be there when you’re hurt

date your healer

#but if you date your healer you better damn well tank

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I had a great time talking to SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg about Hobby Lobby, her retirement and women’s rights.  Watch the full interview tomorrow on Yahoo News. Plus, tune in to ABC World News tonight at 6:30 pm for a sneak peek of our interview!

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best of 2013: (3/13) ships - sansa stark x margaery tyrell (game of thrones)

↳ “Does she want me to love her too?”

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Picking What To Watch On Netflix With My Wifey

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Dear White America: Wilson had ZERO reason to murder Mike

Spread this like wildfire


Racist white person be like “But the nigger stilll stole!” smh


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Kenzi & Bo in every episode:
→ 1x03 - Oh Kappa, My Kappa

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